Find a bug in Dreadnought? Have feedback or suggestions? Check here!

If you've encountered a bug or you have feedback on how we can improve Dreadnought, we would love to hear from you!

The most direct route to submit a bug report is through the in-game Bug Reporter feature. This feature can be found by hitting "ESC" and clicking on "Bug Reporter" as seen below: 


You can also use the in-game Bug Reporter to submit any feedback or suggestions you may have by clicking "Feedback/Suggestion" in the drop down as seen below: 


Submitting feedback or suggestions directly in-game is convenient, but we also recommend posting any suggestions or feedback you have on the official Dreadnought forums. Having suggestions posted in a public forum is a great way for others to chime in to show that they're interested as well. This can help the Development Team see what's important to the community and help them prioritize. 

Dreadnought Forums - Feedback

Bugs can also be reported on the forums here: 

Dreadnought Forums - Report A Bug


*If you are in need of assistance troubleshooting an issue, please feel free to contact us here. Be sure to provide as many details as possible concerning the issue you're experiencing. 





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