Trouble redeeming your Dreadnought PS4 Closed Beta code? Check here!

Greetings Captains!

If you're having trouble redeeming your PS4 Dreadnought Closed Beta, please take a look at the instructions and screenshots below: 

On the PlayStation®:

Visit the PlayStation® Store and scroll down to "Redeem Codes": 

NOTE: Codes are country/region specific. Whichever country/region you selected when you signed up for the closed beta, your code must be redeemed on a PSN account associated with that same country/region. EX: If you signed up using the US country or region, then you must redeem your code on a PSN account that is under the US region.


Type in your code exactly as shown in the email we sent: 


You'll then see the confirmation page letting you know that Dreadnought is ready for download: 


On the PlayStation® Browser Store: 

First, log into your PlayStation® Account here. Once logged in, you'll need to click your account name to expand the drop down and select "Redeem Codes" as shown below: 


Select Redeem Codes:


Enter your code exactly as provided in the email we sent: 


Code not accepted when you redeem it?

This could be due to a few reasons:

  • Your code could have actually been redeemed successfully after all. You can check your "Download List" on your PlayStation account via the PlayStation website. If Dreadnought appears on your list, you can then prompt it to begin downloading on your PS4. If it does not appear there, please contact Customer Support.



  • Your code region may not match your PSN account region. If you have checked your "Download List" already, as mentioned above, and your code still does not work, please contact Customer Support.


  • Please also keep in mind: Only ONE Dreadnought Closed Beta code can be redeemed per account. If you already redeemed a code on your account, it will give you an error when you try to redeem another code.
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