RiME: PC Known Issues

Here are the known issues you may encounter on your adventure exploring the PC version of RiME.


Graphical Known Issues:

  • Unattached visual effects may be visible during some cut scenes using Surround or Eyefinity
  • Rain effects may travel through structures reducing FPS in some areas
  • When Antialiasing is set to FXAA or turned off it may cause visual effects to change
  • The characters status is highly pixelated on all graphical settings
  • A multiple monitor setup can make some structures appears as though they are moving w/ interaction
  • Some animations may become corrupted when playing the game in 21:9 display ratio resolution
  • Misplaced prompt for camera movement in aspect ratio other than 16:9
  • Some cut scenes may not scale properly in an aspect ratio higher than 16:9
  • Light effects from visual effects may blink rapidly when Bloom is turned on
  • Certain animations can lack smoothness when Bloom option is enabled

Audio Known Issues:

  • Sound effects slider has no effect on a few audio assets meaning the sound effects can be heard even if all audio settings are set to zero
  • Depending on the background the user will hear a sound effects during some scenes
  • Opening intro music resets after switching to another active window and then back to the game
  • If focus is switched away from the title during some cut scenes, the initial cut scene audio is missing when the focus is switched back
  • If focus is switched away from the title, the music track is gone when focus is switched back
  • When holding Page up/down button in controls tab background music restarts by itself

UI Known Issues:

  • There is no indication that user can switch tabs using key shortcuts in Controls and Graphics settings
  • Missing prompts for generic controller's D-pad
  • Space Bar prompt is missing the right outline edge
  • When pressing ESC button rapidly player can't leave "Gallery and Keyhole" tab in Extras
  • The rotation of 3D moveable objects in Extras is choppy and causes background to flicker

General Known Issues:

  • Tab key cannot be assigned to any action
  • Player can become stuck in a wall in the initial area
  • Player can get perma-stuck on certain ledges that cannot be recovered from
  • Message for unsaved changes popup in Graphics after resetting to defaults even if settings are previously set to default
  • The character can't climb while engaging a certain foe
  • While launching RiME there is an unloaded background screen before splash screen

If you run into any issues not covered in this article, Grey Box Support can be reached at 1-844-473-9269. You can also submit a ticket through the web portal at anytime by clicking here.

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