RiME: Xbox One Known Issues

Here are the known issues you may encounter on your adventure exploring the XBOX One version.


Graphical Known Issues:

  • A white border appears for a brief moment on the screen after performing certain actions
  • Some parts of the environment become blurred when lightened up in all locations
  • The fox NPC's disappearing visual effects appear to be misplaced during the last puzzle

Audio Known Issues:

  • The song playing in the Main Menu overlays briefly with another audio asset
  • The background music restarts if the audio slider is moved from minimum to maximum
  • The melody can continue to play when the game is paused

UI Known Issues:

  • While reloading last checkpoint there is a white screen transition between the pause menu and the loading screen that lasts up to 6 seconds

General Known Issues:

  • The character can wear an outfit without acquiring it in the game after reloading from last checkpoint
  • The character can move unnaturally when trying to climb certain structures near water
  • Main Menu controller button icon resolution is lower than joystick icons
  • When the player goes to the pause menu during any cut scene and then pauses again when control of the character is regained, indicator is not set on the first option
  • Frequently the Pause Menu will flicker if the player spams the pause/menu button on the controller
  • Certain camera angles can show sections of the environment disappear

If you run into any issues not covered in this article, Grey Box Support can be reached at 1-844-473-9269. You can also submit a ticket through the web portal at anytime by clicking here.

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