RiME: PS4 Known Issues

Here are the known issues you may encounter on your adventure exploring the PS4 version of RiME.


Graphical Known Issues:

  • Players may experience FPS drops when entering the main tower
  • Shadows from moving objects may appear pixelated or faded
  • Water disappears as camera scans around
  • Players may experience lighting inconsistency and sharp transition when approaching a secret location

Audio Known Issues:

  • Missing sound effects when picking secret collectibles
  • Audio starts a few seconds later than video
  • Music gets louder after completing puzzle at the top of the Lighthouse
  • There are some music cuts after doing checkpoints

General Known Issues:

  • Player's character may become stuck after jumping behind a certain set of stalagmites
  • The camera will be underwater when the boy is just floating
  • Shadow sensor at the top of the sea windmill incorrectly unveils a hidden sound status if player leaves the room
  • Teleporting on an elevator does not transition smoothly between rooms
  • 'That went too far' wrongly unlocked when throwing a sphere at Sentinel's Grave
  • The boy can be out of the scene or in a wrong place when the cinematic starts
  • Animation of the boy being kidnapped by Predator can be interrupted if the player interacts with the fox right before the attack
  • Predator grab in Cliff area results in out of bounds respawn.

If you run into any issues not covered in this article, Grey Box Support can be reached at 1-844-473-9269. You can also submit a ticket through the web portal at anytime by clicking here.

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