I received a Steam code for RiME. How do I activate it?

If you received a Steam code for RiME, activation is simple! Please follow these steps below on how to redeem your code.


  1. Sign into your Steam account through your Steam desktop app. If you do not have the desktop app, you can download it via Steam.


  2. Once logged in, find “Games” at the top left of your app. Click this and select “Activate a Product on Steam…”


  3. Click next and read through the Steam Subscriber Agreement and select “I Agree”, if you agree, in order to continue to the code redemption.


  4. Enter your RiME game code exactly as it appears. Examples of code formats are listed on the screen for reference.


  5. And you’re done! A prompt should appear for you to begin downloading the game. If it does not, you can always find RiME in your Library and begin downloading from there.


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