Redeeming your Dreadnought game code (PC)

Got a Dreadnought PC game code that you want to redeem? In order to see your awesome in-game items, follow these simple steps to get your code redeemed and start taking advantage of your items immediately!


  1. Log into your Grey Box account
  2. Click on the “Account” tab
  3. You should see a button for “Redeem Game Code” under your “My Games” > “Dreadnought” section.
  4. Enter your game code exactly as it appears (include any numbers, dashes or capital letters) and click “Redeem”
  5. And you’re done! Log into Dreadnought and you should see your new in-game items immediately. If you are already logged into the game when you redeem your code, you may have to logout and back in to see the updated changes.


Having trouble redeeming your PC code?

If you are having some difficulties with redeeming your game code or your items from your code are not appearing in-game, below are some common issues and known resolutions or explanations.

It won’t accept my game code.

If you receive an error message stating your code does not work or is invalid, this could be caused by a number of reasons.

  • Game codes can only be used once. Perhaps your code was already successfully redeemed on your account.
  • Certain types of game codes, while the actual code itself may be different, can only be redeemed on an account once. If you are trying to redeem multiple game codes that grant the same items, it may not let you stack them.
  • Please ensure that you are inputting your code exactly as it appears including all dashes, capital letters and numbers, if any. Ensure that there are also no extra spaces in front of or behind the code once typed in.
  • Try copy and pasting the code directly. If that does not work, try typing the code in manually.
  • Please check to make sure your game code is in fact for the PC version of Dreadnought and not the PS4 version. All PS4 Dreadnought game codes will need to be redeemed via your PSN account. For more information on this, please visit this article.

My code was redeemed successfully, but I do not see my items in-game. Where are they?

If you are having trouble seeing your items in-game after redeeming your code, please try logging out and back into your account to see if the refresh will update your inventory. If you still are not seeing your items, please contact Customer Support with the exact game code you received along with a list of items that were supposed to be granted to your account and they will be able to assist our further.

If you are still having any difficulties with redeeming your game code, or have any further questions regarding a game code that you have received, please contact Customer Support.



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