How do I change the Dreadnought installation directory?

When launching the Dreadnought Installer (DreadnoughtInstaller.exe) for the first time, you will be prompted to select a download location for Dreadnought’s Launcher and the associated files. If there is insufficient disk space for the game, the launcher will give you an error message noting the lack of space. You may find that you need to change Dreadnought’s default installation directory in order to move the game to a hard drive with sufficient free space.

If Dreadnought’s launcher shows that you have insufficient disk space, please perform the following steps in order to select a download location:

Locate DreadnoughtInstaller.exe, which will likely be in your default Downloads folder. This is usually C:\Users\<your user name>\Downloads

Run the launcher.

Two windows will appear: The Dreadnought Uninstall Wizard and the Dreadnought Setup Wizard.  

First, use the following steps in the Dreadnought Uninstall Wizards to remove any previous copies of Dreadnought you may have.

After completing the Uninstall Wizard steps, select the Dreadnought Setup Wizard.  Click next and continue the process.

Read the End User License and Non-Disclosure Agreement and click I agree.

You will be prompted to Choose Install Location.  Click Browse to select your desired install location, whether it be another folder or hard drive on your computer.  Please ensure that the drive selected for installation has at least 8.5 gigabytes of available space.

After selecting the location, click Next and complete the remaining steps of the installer.

Click finish to start the launcher. It will then start downloading all of the files you need to start conquering the stars! Please note that you will not be able to access the Dreadnought servers outside of the posted event times.

If you have any issues in either uninstalling the prior launcher or installing the latest launcher, or any other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Grey Box Support or by calling us toll free at 1-844-GREYBOX (1-844-473-9269).

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