What are some basic strategies for playing Dreadnought?


Dreadnought is all about teamwork. If your opponents are cooperating and your team is not, it probably won't end well for you.

You can issue quick commands to your teammates by holding the 'F' key. The 'Enter' key brings up all chat, while 'Shift' + 'Enter' brings up team chat.

Choose to captain a ship that complements your teammates’ choices and diversifies your group.

Use the Energy Wheel Wisely

The energy wheel (press 'E' and move your mouse in the direction of the function you want to perform) allows you to direct your ships limited energy resources to Engines for a boost of speed, Weapons for extra damage, or Shields to reduce incoming damage.

Raise shields quickly when under attack, but don't forget to turn them off (Press 'E' again) when the enemy is gone! Otherwise, you're throwing energy away for no reason.

Observe and Counter

If your team's strategy isn’t working, respawn with a new ship that helps you counter your enemies’ tactics. Some ships are naturally excellent counters against others. Have a look at the class specific strategies below.

Artillery Cruiser




Tactical Cruiser

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