Strategy - Corvette

Tips for playing a Corvette:

You’re fast, tiny, and sometimes invisible. Get in, unload, get out, repeat. Hunt the soft targets like Artillery Cruisers and Tactical Cruisers. Communicate with your team. You’re usually the first one to know where the enemy is and what they’re up to, so let them know.

Tips for killing a Corvette:

Stasis, Disruption, and Flak, oh my! The Corvette’s biggest advantage is their small size and high speed which makes them doubly hard to hit. The Dreadnought’s Stasis Pulse will freeze nearby ships in their tracks. Switch to your secondary Flak Turrets, push power to weapons and blow them away. Disruption abilities will prevent corvettes from blinking or afterburning away. Artillery cruisers also have some stasis abilities that help them defend against Corvette attacks. Alternatively, the primary beam weapon on the Light Tactical cruiser is perfect for tearing up lightly armored ships.

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