Strategy - Dreadnought

Tips for playing a Dreadnought:

Slow and heavily armored, you’re the rock of the team. They will follow your lead because you provide physical cover even in deep space. That said, don’t over extend by warping too far ahead of your team and out of cover. Team up with a Tactical Cruiser who will keep you healed and hide in your shadow. Keep your healer safe by quickly re-focusing your fire on any Corvettes or Destroyers who come to kill them.

Tips for killing a Dreadnought:

Artillery Cruisers will make short work of a Dreadnought if they aren’t being healed. If there’s a Tactical healing them, take the Tactical out first. You’re wasting your time and energy otherwise. Watch out for the Armor Amplifier. If it’s up (you see green energy crackling around the ship), the ship is invulnerable for a short time. You’re better off directing fire elsewhere until it wears off or using a Disruptor ability to shut it down.



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