Manufacturer Tree Progression

This article is intended to help give a better understanding of the changes in Progression 2.0, The Shipyard Update.


When first launching the game, you'll notice that you start off with 3 Recruit ships. The 3 starting ships below reflect the 3 major ship manufacturers. To take a deeper look at the available manufacturers and the wares they offer, select the "Manufacturers" tab. 

  • The 3 major ship manufacturers are Jupiter Arms, Akula Vektor and Oberon
  • Each manufacturer has a vast number of ships with various weapons and abilities


Manufacturer Progression

  • Select the manufacturer and path that best fits your end-game goal
  • To reach your desired ship, you'll need to research all items in the selected pathway
  • To show this, we will take a look at what it takes to reach the Oberon's Orcus
  • Select the starting ship Cerberus

  • All items for the Cerberus will need to be researched to unlock the Orcus

Research and Purchasing

  • To research an item, click on the desired icon
  • For this example we will use the Cerberus' Beam Amplifier
  • Click the Research tab

  • After the Research tab is clicked, you'll see a pop up stating the item was successfully researched

  • After an item as been researched the next item becomes available to research

  • The Beam Amplifer, Repair Pod, Repair Autobeams and Autorepair will all need to be researched to unlock the Orcus

Purchasing a Ship

To purchase the next available ship, note that it only requires items to be researched. It's not necessary to purchase all the associated items, unless you wish to have upgraded versions of those items on your starter ship.

  • After all items have been researched the next ship in line is ready to be researched and purchased


  • To purchase the Orcus click the Purchase button
  • A brief pop up window will indicate the purchase was successful

  • Your newly purchased ship will display the defaulted weapons and abilities associated with it
  • Along with new ships comes new tech trees which require the same process laid out above
  • Researching items can become extensive as you progress down the Manufacturer trees
  • Purchasing items is not necessary, but may be useful if wanting to increase your ship's damage.

  • Newly purchased ships are not automatically added to your current fleet.
  • Learn more about adding ships to your fleet here.

Veteran Status

  • Veteran Status is earned when a ship has been fully researched
  • Ship XP earned on a Veteran Status ship can be converted into Free XP

For more information on currencies and exchanges, check out our other article on those subjects by clicking here

That is all for now, Captains! We wish you all many victories in the Dreadnought skies.


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