Ship Customization

Customize your ship's Appearance as well as its Weapons, Modules, and Officer Briefings to fit your play style!


Ship Loadout:

  • To acquire different skills you must first research them in the Manufacturer Tree.
  • After they have been researched, purchase new items with Credits earned in battle.


  • After making a purchase you will receive a confirmation informing you that the item is ready to be equipped!


  • In order to equip your ship's newest module, select your ship from the Hangar and click Loadout on the bottom of the screen.
  • When first starting the game you will only be able to upgrade your current abilities, but as you progress you'll unlock more powerful skills to dominate the battlefield.


As you gain a reputation in battle you may want to show off a bit... It's only natural.


Ship Appearance:

  • In order to take flight in style, click Appearance on the bottom of the customize ship screen.
  • From here you can alter and add to multiple sections of your ship.
  • Similar to applying a new module, adding an Emblem to the front of your ship is as simple as clicking Emblem and selecting the one you like best!
  • Hovering over the different items will allow you to preview them before making a selection.



  • Finally, equip your item from the ship customization screen.

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