As you progress through the game you will be able to add more powerful ships to your arsenal. In order to take them into battle you will first need to create a fleet!

Fleet Basics:

  • There are 3 different fleet types: Recruit, Veteran, and Legendary.
  • Each fleet can include a maximum of 5 ships and must only contain ships that are of the appropriate tier.
  • Higher fleet types are unlocked once you have unlocked 2 ships that meet that fleet's tier requirements.
  • A Recruit fleet is made up of Tier I and Tier II ships while the Veteran fleet must have Tier II through Tier IV ships. Only the most skilled captains will be able to create a Legendary fleet since it requires Tier IV and Tier V ships.


Add a Ship:

  • In order to add a ship to your fleet, select your fleet type from the main hangar screen and click the "+" symbol to bring up your ship selection. Only ships you own that match the fleet's tier requirements will be shown.


  • Hover over a ship to view its stats and abilities. Once you've made your decision select the ship and it will be automatically added to your fleet.



Remove a Ship:

  • If you are out of available ship slots, switch out an older ship by right clicking on the ship you would like to remove and selecting "Remove From Fleet".




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