Dreadnought Market

Along with the changes we've made to our progression system, we've also made several changes to the in-game Market. Below you will see the new layout and sections within the Market.

New Market Layout


There are three sections included in the new in-game market which are Ships, Elite Status, and GP Exchange.



  • Only houses Hero Ships
  • The Trident, Zaratan, and Akkoro ant the Vanguard Bundle Hero Ships are the only ships that can be individually purchased. 

Elite Status

  • This bonus allows players to earn extra reputation and credits earned from battles
  • Elite status is purchased using GP and stacks up to a year

GP Exchange

  • GP Exchange is where in-game currency (Grey Box Points) can be purchased with real money
  • GP can be used to purchase Elite Status, Hero Ships, and vanity items
  • GP can also be used to convert Ship XP

For more on currency exchange, click here to see the article on currencies.

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