Ship Maintenance

Hard-fought battles take a toll on your ships. You’ll occasionally find that you need to have your vessels repaired. This can be done in Sinley Bay by the local engineers.

What is maintenance?

  • While in maintenance, ships cannot be used in battle. To repair and use it again, you must spend Credits, which are earned by playing matches.

When is maintenance required?

  • Ships need to go into maintenance after you lose a battle or if you withdraw from a battle before it ends. The top three players of the match overall, no matter if their team wins or loses, will not have to go into maintenance.


Your fleet will not go into maintenance if:

  • You win a match.
  • You play any match with a Recruit Fleet.
  • You play a training match.
  • You are one of the top three players in a match (regardless of which teams wins).

One ship in multiple fleets:

  • If you have the same ship in two fleets at the same time (and one of those fleets is in maintenance), you can still use the ship in the fleet that is not in maintenance.

Skipping Fleet Maintenance:

  • You can check the “Auto Pay Maintenance” box for your Veteran and Legendary Fleets to automatically pay for and skip the maintenance after you exit battle.


  • Skipping fleet maintenance automatically uses Credits to get your fleet ready again.
  • You can decide whether or not to skip maintenance every time it is required.

The skipping maintenance feature:

  • Is not active by default
  • Automatically pays for maintenance upon entering the menu
  • Will not automatically be paid for if you don’t have enough Credits
  • Will repair lower-level fleets first (if you have multiple fleets in maintenance)

Penalties for leaving:

  • You receive no rewards from the match you leave
  • A loss is recorded for the match you leave
  • The fleet you used in the match goes into maintenance

The leaving match penalty is triggered when:

  • You do not rejoin a running match within 3 minutes after a connection loss
  • You quit to the outpost through the menu during a running match (or leave via any other means that can be considered intentional)
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